1. Book: Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 Days – North America

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  • Low calorie Diet only 21 days
  • Encourages long term sustainable healthy habits
  • Removes stubborn fat and protects muscle loss
  • Lots of recipe ideas that the whole family can enjoy


  • Removes healthy mono-saturated fats from diet for 21 days.
  • Vegetarians have less protein options for the 21 days.
  • The first 2 loading days you have to flood your body with as many calories as possible.
  • Women have to work around their cycles.



Rebalance your Metabolism in 21 days is written by the Arno Schikowsky (Fitness and Nutrition Coach), Dr Rudolf Binder (General Medicine, Naturopath) and Christian Morwold (Professional Sports Trainer).

This book is a comprehensive guide to support you throughout your diet giving you tips, tricks and more than 100 recipes to obtain the results you want to achieve.

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