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If you are looking to start a weight-loss program such as the HCG Diet or the Metabolic Diet (click here to read our review), then you will be needing to purchase a homeopathic HCG activator to support the healthy breakdown of your bad fat.

We can confirm that we’ve tried various products on the market, but this one from Loving my Body, has been the best by far. When you are using a HCG homeopathic activator, you definitely want a product that allows you to safely and effectively lose weight without feeling hungry or exhausted.

Loving my Body drops certainly provided excellent weight loss results when used with the 21 Day Metabolic Diet.

Beat the Yo-Yo diet!

Normally, when you undertake a diet that encourages you to cut your calories to a mere 500 a day, you generally will be forcing your body into a starvation mode. Your body then is compelled to make metabolic rate adjustments and then proceeds to breakdown the good structural fat or your muscles, to provide life continuing energy to your brain and organs.

Loving My Body Activator

Reducing calories will make you lose weight, but not necessarily from the areas of the body you were hoping to shift the fat.

The next time you increase your calorie intake, your body will remember it was starving and then responds by converting glucose into stored fat. This is why you end up gaining more weight, than what you had lost on your diet. This is called Yo-Yo dieting.

Why take the Homeopathic HCG activator?

To prevent yo-yo dieting you should take a professional grade homeopathic HCG activator.

It works by triggering your body to release energy stored in your abnormal fat cells ( eg. stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks) to be used for energy.

Please take note that ‘abnormal’ is the key word here.

The HCG activator protects the structural good fat (eg. cheek bones, balls of the feet and cushioning around organs) and your muscles from being consumed for energy during weight loss.

The added advantage of using homeopathic HCG drops during weight-loss, is the inhibition of hunger.  When the abnormal fat cells are broken down, they release 1500 to 4000 calories into your bloodstream to be used for energy. Schikowsky, Binder & Morwald (2014, p. 32) state that it’s “probably the reduction of Leptin resistance when stored fat is dissolved” that is the cause of a decrease in hunger during weight-loss.

Can you take the Homeopathic HCG activator without dieting?

Simply put, NO! If you take the HCG drops without restricting your diet, you will have too many calories floating around in your blood-stream, which cannot be used for energy. Unless you are planning on running a marathon, your body will be forced to convert this massive amount of excess glucose into lipids. You will either not lose any weight at all or worse gain a lot more.

Dr Simeons diet plan: Pounds and Inches

The original HCG protocol comes from the 1954 book called “Pounds and Inches” written by a brilliant British endocrinologist called Dr A.T.W Simeons. It was this Dr Simeons who discovered the impact that HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) had on regulating fat loss by the hypothalamus.

Although HCG is found in both men and women, it does rise exponentially in women when they are pregnant. You see one of its functions is to signal the hypothalamus to release abnormal stored fat to be used as fuel and nourishment for the mother and baby. Interestingly, Dr Simeons tested his hypothesis and discovered stored fat was also called into action by the HCG, during times of starvation.

He also maintained that HCG, influenced the hypothalamus to maintain the metabolic rate, protect muscle mass, dissolve abnormal fat deposits from waist, legs and buttocks, inhibit feelings of hunger and re-program our weight memory (set point theory).

Back then, Dr Simeons was using injectables of HCG with his obese patients, plus giving them a strict low caloric diet and they were losing a pound (1/2 kg) of fat a day!

From the early 2000’s homeopathic HCG drops, became available for everyone to purchase and use without the need for a medical expert.

Loving my Body activator drops are free of any side effects and still you will experience the same effects of the HCG.

We too have used the homeopathic activator

It’s easy and convenient to use. Loving my body has re-sculpted our hips, buttocks and thighs and protected our muscle tone on our arms and legs.

One of the key points to remember though, Loving my Body HCG activator is not a hormone, however in our experience it is better to start the activator on Day 3 of your period. Many women retain fluid during their periods, and this can obscure their true weight loss, which can be extremely frustrating.

Each 50ml bottle from Loving my Body will last approximately 21 days of a 500 calorie restricted diet. We believe you could use this product to support any of the low calorie restricted diets on the market.

However, we have observed that people generally cope better on low calorie diets using a combination of the activator and superior multi-vitamins with fibre (click here to read our review on Daily Biobasics), to prevent the body from being restricted from essential nutrients. Click on this link to see the ones we love the most.

Click here now to purchase our recommended high quality activator that we know that works!

I always welcome feedback, so please leave me any comments in the box below.



Schikowsky, A. & Binder, R. & Morwald, C (2014) Rebalance your metabolism in 21 days, Kainz Werbe GmbH, Germany

2 Thoughts on “Loving My Body- Review of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops”

  • Hello! Great article

    This is a great review on HCG Oil, I have some questions though, what does HCG Stand for? Second if it is used in trasfer of fats. How can this be different than using L-carnitine? I am actually gaining weight and want to try the alternatives aside from the MCT oil in Ketosis. maybe this would work better,

    Thank you

    • Hi Jason, Thanks for your great questions. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is known to regulate the Hypothalamus-Pituitary axis by affecting hunger and satiety. It also helps the body to properly redistribute weight and tone the body. Plus it also protects the muscle and structural fat from being broken down during a weight-loss program. Have a read of this article “Changes in chronic low back pain and cardiovascular risk factors using a homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropin–based weight loss program: a case report” I don’t know much about L-Carnitine, for weight loss. It is fantatstic for firing up the mitochondria to give you energy during exercise. I did find this article though Good luck with your journey to a healthy BMI. Have you used our free BMI calculator?

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