Biotic Blast


  • Simplicity of getting 14 different types of probiotics in one capsule
  • Does not need to be refrigerated due to patented capsule
  • Probiotics not destroyed by stomach acid and bile
  • Outstanding quality control, to prevent contamination from heavy metals, pesticides and other sources
  • Suitable for Vegetarians/ Vegans
  • 30 day, money back guarantee


  • Has a shelf life of 3 months
  • The genus and species have been named, but none of the strains are mentioned in the Biotic blast product fact sheet.


Did you know your body has millions of microscopic non-human cells living in it? This is known as the human microbiome. These friendly bacterial species, as well as fungi, viruses and parasites, all play an important role in keeping you healthy and happy. It really is quite gross to think that we are all made up of more non-human creatures than human cells! Nevertheless, it is essential that you start to make friends with these wonderful microscopic creatures, as they play a most significant part in your long term health.

non humans cells

So what’s the big deal with Epigenetics?

Recent science, has documented that our microbiome interacts with metabolism and epigenetics – the process that determines which genes are turned on or turned off. This means, if you have the right kind of good bacterial species living within you, it can in fact, turned off any bad genes that you may have inherited from your parents. Science has made significant advancement in these past 5 years and it is now understood, that 80% of your health outcomes are epigentically determined and only 20% are genetically determined. This is why it’s essential to supplement with a well-made multi-strained probiotic.

Probiotics vs yoghurt?

There are many health benefits to be had from enjoying a couple of tablespoons of yogurt a day. However, there are no guarantees that all of the live bacteria, will survive your stomach acid.

Lifeplus, the manufacturer, have designed Biotic Blast, that can withstand the harsh effects on your stomach acid and bile, so it can be released into your lower small intestine and large intestine. Lifeplus, the manufacturer says “Fermenting our bacteria, means they are kept in a dormant state until they are consumed. Our capsule technology ensures that the good bacteria from the capsule is sent directly to where it’s most needed in the lower intestine – helping it to survive the hostile environment of the stomach and transporting the good bacteria through the body so you can experience the benefits.”

Can Probiotics help depression?

Within your intestines, these probiotics have the unique abilities to coordinate and regulate your microbiome.

They can even assist in manufacturing certain vitamins (B vitamins, Biotin and folate) plus neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine (happiness hormones).

Have you always thought that your brain controls your mood? In fact, 90% of your mood, stress, memory and behavior are manufactured from the probiotics and microbiome living in your intestines. This is known as your GUT-BRAIN-AXIS.

There are 20 reliable studies of this kind involving human subjects.

So who is the manufacturer?

Lifeplus, founded by Pharmacist Mr Robert Lemon, back in 1992, manufacture high quality nutritional products, that are distributed by a referral marketing model, that connects the customer directly to the product. The money, Lifeplus have saved from spending on advertising and brand endorsement, has been poured into a dynamic Research and development department. With cutting edge diagnostic and testing equipment, their Quality and Control, ensure the that Biotic Blast has no contaminants and has been tested for purity plus quality.

The company have said that “Biotic Blast contains 10 Billion good bacteria made up from 14 unique strains of different qualities and functions. With the inclusion of Calcium, it can contribute to the normal function of digestion enzymes and energy-yielding metabolism.”

Although the product has been designed so that it does not need to be refrigerated, it does need to be consumed within a few months of purchase.

Fourteen strains in one capsule!

If you are looking for the convenience, of getting a stabilised probiotic blend containing 14 different strains, then I highly recommend Biotic Blast. In an easy to swallow capsule, my children have also been benefiting from the probiotics daily since we received our first box!

Finally science is catching up to marketing. We now have the ability to impact our DNA and the future of gene expression by simply taking a comprehensive multi-strained probiotic daily.

In combination with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, this product, Biotic Blast, should be everybodies first choice.

Click on this link today if you would like to order your own bottle of Biotic Blast. With the 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

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